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CKFL2601 Glass and Steel Lid to fit 26cm diameter cookware

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CKFL2601 Glass and Steel Lid to fit 26cm diameter cookware

Product Description

Designed and manfactured in Italy, featuring Smeg's iconic retro design, this is a cookware range you can be proud to display in your kitchen. This total flat glass lid with Stainless steel rim, vent hole and Stainless steel handle with Smeg logo, will fit all cookware with a 26cm diameter.

The strong tempered glass lid allows to check the food without having to lift or interrupt the cooking process. It is possible to put all Smeg cookware in the oven up to a temperature of 250°C/480°F and they can also be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Its transparency allows to keep your dishes under constant control and adjust the cooking temperature without having to open the lid. The steam vent hole further improves usability.

Product Specification

Product description Cookware lid 26 cm
Product dimensions 26 cm diameter
Material Tempered Glass and Stainless steel
Features Total flat glass design, Stainless steel rim and vent hole
Handle Stainless steel handle with Smeg logo
Compatible cooking surfaces Induction, Gas, Ceramic, Electric
Oven safe Up to 250°C/480°
Dishwasher safe Yes
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