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Breakfast set

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A staple in any kitchen, enjoy tea and toast with Smeg’s kettles and toasters range. Combine with our citrus juicer for the perfect breakfast.

Coffee preparation

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Savour the delicious aroma of professional coffee at home with Smeg’s espresso machine, drip filter coffee machine, pod machine, bean to cup, coffee grinder and milk frother.

Food preparation

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Love to bake or create dishes from scratch? Check out our powerful stand mixer, hand mixer, blenders, and juicer.


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Shop food preparation accessories ➔

Want to make the most out of your small appliance? Discover sandwich racks, ice cream makers, food processors and more.


Mini kettle

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If space is an issue, smaller families can opt for our new mini kettle. As well as being compact in size, they offer great water and energy savings with a smaller 800 mL capacity designed for less wastage.

One temperature kettle

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For quick boiling water, Smeg's standard one temperature kettle is just what you need. With an impressive 1.7 L capacity, you can make up to 7 cups of tea in one cycle.

Variable temperature kettle

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Love green teas, fruit teas or oolong teas? Then choose Smeg’s variable temperature kettle. Select the perfect temperature for each type of tea to ensure exceptional results. An audible alarm will then sound when the desired temperature has been met.


2 × 2 toaster

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For smaller families, Smeg’s 2 × 2 toaster is the ideal choice. Compact and with 6 browning levels for all your toasting needed.

2 × 4 toaster

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Whether you’re a fan of artisan breads or partial to a panini, the 2 x 4 toaster, due to its extra-long slots, can take a variety of shapes and sizes.

4 × 4 toaster

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For larger families, the 4 x 4 toaster offers 4 separate slots. This toaster has two independent controls so you can toast 2 slices together at a time.


Espresso coffee machine

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Love a variety of coffees? Smeg’s Espresso coffee machine can make a number of different beverages such as espressos, cappuccino, or latte macchiato, thanks to the built-in milk frother wand.

Drip filter coffee machine

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If quantity is important then choose our Drip filter coffee machine. It can make up to 10 cups of coffee and keep it warm for up to 40 minutes. Program it to wake up to freshly made coffee.

Pod coffee machine

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For speed, Smeg’s collaboration with Lavazza has created a Pod coffee machine. Perfect for espresso in an instant!

Bean-to-cup coffee machine

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Want a machine that can do it all? look no further than Smeg’s new Bean to cup coffee machine. Add coffee beans, grind, choose from a number of beverages, and use the steam wand for even more choices.


Coffee grinder

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Enjoy high quality, freshly ground coffee with Smeg’s Coffee grinder. Choose from 30 grinding levels to ensure the very best results. Use the grounds in Smeg’s espresso or drip filter coffee machine for a coffee sensation.

Milk frother

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For professionally frothed milk, Smeg’s Milk frother is a great accompaniment for any coffee machine. Alternatively, it can be used to create anything from hot chocolate to milk shakes at home.



La Pavoni Lever

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Experience total control over every aspect of your espresso with a La Pavoni lever machine. These traditional but uniquely designed machines are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

La Pavoni Semi Pro

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For a barista style set up at home, a Semi-professional La Pavoni coffee machine not only looks the part, but delivers unrivalled coffee quality.


Stand mixer

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For the home baker or aspiring chef, Smeg’s Stand mixer can whip up large quantities of ingredients in no time, thanks to its 10 speeds and powerful direct drive motor.

Hand mixer

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For something more compact, Smeg’s new Hand mixer makes light work of ingredients. It can be neatly stored away after use, so won’t take up valuable worktop space.


Jug blender

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Love a homemade smoothie? Smeg’s jug blender can crush ice, pulse and Wizz up ingredients in a flash.

Hand blender

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For blending, chopping, mashing, and whisking, Smeg’s hand blender can create a variety of dishes, from soups to whipped cream.


Citrus juicer

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For freshly squeezed fruit in the morning, Smeg’s Citrus juicer is the quick and simple way to get more vitamins in to your diet.


Award-winning appliances that are small but mighty.

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Stylish & powerful

A curvaceous 50s retro design, which oozes style and character. Smeg small appliances have a vintage feel that is packed full of technology.

Every appliance offers quick and powerful results, that will assist you on your culinary adventures.

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Colourful & unique

Smeg is known for its use of colour, vibrant hues and soft pastels with a nostalgic energy fill the range.

Special editions such as a Union Jack toaster, matte, and metallic finishes really stand out, as does Smeg’s collaboration with fashion icons Dolce&Gabbana who created Sicily is my love, a unique and instantly recognisable flamboyant design.

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Smeg has received a number of important prizes and awards over the years as a result of its aesthetic appeal and the quality of its appliances.

Awards by Red dot, IF design, and Good design awards have been given to many small appliances such as our toasters and coffee machines.

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Co-ordinating appliances & accessories

Thanks to the wide range of colours, you can select a variety of small appliances to co-ordinate together. Alternatively mix and match hues, to fill your kitchen with colour.

A number of accessories are available for toasters, stand mixers and blenders to enhance your appliance experience.

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