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LPSDIG03UK La Pavoni Diamantina Semi-professional Domestic Coffee Machine Stainless Steel with Gold detailing


£ 4,999.95


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Key Features

  • La Pavoni, Italian excellence in the production of coffee machines
  • 1.9 litre water tank capacity, E61 brew group and dual boiler in copper
  • Dual PID control, pressure manometer for pump, boiler and group head, as well as BPPC flow control system
  • Cool-touch steam and water wands, and quiet and robust professional rotary pump

Product Description

Acquired by the Smeg group in 2019, La Pavoni is a brand that will always be recognised as true Italian excellence in the production of coffee machines, producing the very best Italian espresso. This acquisition allows the two companies to share their know-how and mutual affinities for their product lines, paying great attention to design and details while affirming the strength of quality Made in Italy. Diamantina is an espresso coffee machine for enthusiast home-barista's, who want delicious espresso like those found in coffee shops.

The Diamantina has been designed using high quality precious materials that are robust and set to stand the test of time. Produced in Milan, it is the jewel of the La Pavoni Semi-Pro range. Inspired by the stylistic features of the historic Professional "Concorso" series, but reinterpreted in a modern key. The Diamantina is hand built piece by piece, the attention to detail makes it an object for the true specialty machines lovers.

The dual boiler machine, with BPPC flow control system (Brewing Pressure Profiling Control) is also equipped with a competition (aka bottomless or fashino) filter. During brewing, the water pressure on the coffee puck can be adjusted with the BPPC flow control mechanism, for the best results with every variety of coffee beans. The pressure profile can be monitored with the group head gauge. The dual PID system in this machine provides thermo-stability and greater steam and hot water performances.

Accessories include: 2 professional filter holders (double and competition), 5 filters (single, double, Competition 16g, Competition 20g and Blind for maintenance), Filter Gasket, cleaning brush, coffee scoop, steel tamper and tubes for water connection.

Product Specification

Description LPSDIG03UK Diamantina Semi-Professional Coffee Machine with Dual Boiler and Dual PID
Model Diamantina
Body Colour Stainless Steel and Gold
Base Colour Stainless Steel
Water tank capacity 1.9L
Boiler type Dual boiler in copper with energy saving cover
Pump professional rotary pump
Other Pressure profiling BPPC flow control system, Can be plumbed into Mains water connection, Cool-touch steam and water wands
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