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FQ60NDF 92cm Four Door Fridge Freezer Black

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Product Features

  • Generous 541 litre capacity to house fresh and frozen foods
  • Lifeplus 0°C drawer ensures better and longer preservation of perishable foods
  • No need to manually defrost thanks to No Frost system

FQ60NDF 92cm Four Door Fridge Freezer Black

Product Description

Smeg's FQ60NDF four door fridge freezer has an excellent capacity offering a total of 376 litres of fresh food storage across all shelves and compartments. Frozen capacity wise, the freezer can handle a maximum of 165 litres of frozen food split across a number of drawers.

Featuring, a Multiflow cooling system which distributes cold air evenly throughout the fridge ensuring ideal temperature and humidity for ideal food storage. A life plus 0°C drawer, a controlled temperature zone designed for a better and longer preservation of perishable food such as fish, cheese and meat. Digital LCD display with temperature control for both the fridge and freezer.

The freezer compartment features fast freezing compartment and has a No Frost system, so manual defrosting is not needed, the fridge will do it for you. Combining style with high-performance technology.

Product Specification

Description 4 door, black, external display
Dimensions 1820x908x705 (HxWxD)
Cooling type Total No Frost - Triple Cooling system
Defrost Automatic defrost
Fresh food net volume 376 litres
Frozen food net volume 165 litres
Material Heat-moulded
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