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DIFABCR 60cm 50s style Built-in Dishwasher Cream

DIFABCR 60cm 50s style Built-in Dishwasher Cream
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Product Features

  • Highly efficient with B energy rating
  • 13 place settings so great for medium households
  • Intelligent Flexiduo cutlery basket simplifies loading
  • Rapid quick wash cleans dishes in just 27 minutes

DIFABCR 60cm 50s style Built-in Dishwasher Cream

Product Description

The DIFABCR is a 1950s retro inspired built In dishwasher which not only makes a design statement in your kitchen but offers an abundance of modern features. Its large capacity boasts enough room for 13 place settings perfect for the dishwashing needs of a medium sized household.

It includes 10 wash programmes including Rapid 27-minute quick wash which great if you're in a hurry. It also has a QuickTime option which can be selected to shorten other cycles and a delay timer so you can take advantage of off peak times. It is a highly efficient appliance and has minimal running costs thanks to it B energy rating.

It has a Planetarium wash system which ensures precise water distribution and excellent coverage thanks to the double simultaneous motion of the spray arm to maintain excellent efficiency, so you don't waste water or energy. The rotation speed is 65rpm giving the best wash results.

The third cutlery basket; the Smeg Flexi Duo, consists of 2 separate and movable sections which can be adjusted individually or even removed entirely depending on your loading needs. This intelligent solution makes room for tall glasses below or deep utensils above.

Product Specification

No. of programmes 10 programmes
Washing temperatures
Noise level 44dB
Water consumption per cycle 9l
Energy consumption per cycle 0.810kWh
Drying system Natural condenser drying, with EnerSave automatic door opening system at the end of the cycle
Drying performance
Dimensions of the product HxWxD 818x598x545 mm
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