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As an Italian brand, Smeg is incredibly passionate about food therefore we make sure to produce only the very best cooking appliances using our extensive know-how, creativity, and of course style.

Over the last few years, Smeg has been working behind the scenes on a very special project to create a new oven platform capable of producing restaurant-quality results,
all in the comfort of your own home.
A range that will completely revolutionize the way you cook ... introducing Galileo.

This exciting new range features a completely re-designed cavity with many ovens boasting new multi-cooking technologies;
Omnichef (traditional, steam & microwave cooking)
Speedwave (traditional & microwave cooking)
Steam generation (traditional & steam cooking)
The Galileo range also includes a number of standard models with traditional only cooking.


Meet the range




Imagine having every cooking technology you could ever need, all in one single oven cavity. Omnichef ovens combined traditional, microwave and steam cooking for professional results in up to 70% less time.


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What are the benefits of an Omnichef oven?


Three cooking technologies

With an Omnichef oven, the possibilities are endless. Cook using traditional methods for even cooking results, steam for tenderness or microwave for speed. The choice is yours.

A new way to cook

With Omnichef you’re in control. You can use all three cooking technologies simultaneously or sequentially by selecting the Multi-tech and Multi-step functionality.

Restaurant quality without the stress

 Smart cooking technology makes dinner preparation a breeze. 150 pre-programmed recipes and a temperature probe ensure the best results, regardless of your cooking ability.

Speed with quality

Love a Sunday roast but hate having to wait hours for it to cook. You can cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes with an Omnichef oven, and the results are always juicy and tender!

Free up your kitchen space

Ditch the tabletop microwave and forget about a separate steam oven, with Omnichef, you only need space for one oven - the one that does it all!



Barbeque indoors, air fry food using less oil or cook pizza the traditional way on a stone. Simply choose the function and add the optional accessories of your choice.
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Get great quality results in up to 40% less time, by combining traditional cooking with the speed of microwave.


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What are the benefits of a SpeedwaveXL oven?


Speed & Quality

Save up to 40% on cooking times by combining traditional cooking with microwaves, so a classic dessert like a crumble can be ready in much less time without compromising its quality.

Special functions

Make the perfect popcorn for movie nights or slowly defrost ice cream to avoid the dreading brain freeze, these are just some of the special functions available to enrich your cooking experience.

The largest microwave

Microwaves don't have to be small; speedwaveXL ovens have a full-sized 68-litre capacity that doesn't require a turn table, allowing you to use the entire oven.



Discover a healthier way to cook. Combine traditional cooking with steam to create dishes that are full of flavour, nutrients, and vitamins.

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What are the benefits of a Steam generation oven?


The secret ingredient

By combining traditional cooking with steam, you can lock in all of your food's nutrients and vitamins and reap the health benefits. By cooking in this way, you can also master foods such as bread, which will remain soft on the inside while staying crunchy and golden on the outside.

Exceptional results

You'll never go back once you've experienced the difference that steam can make. Expect moist, tender, and juicy results every time; your guests will want to know your secret. Prepare yourself for a taste sensation.


A choice of steam

Choose between two steam options; SteamONE which offers up to 40% humidity and features a manual water loading system, or Steam100PRO which offers up to 100% humidity and has a fill & hide water loading system.




All Galileo ovens, with or without multi-cooking technology include the below features.


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What benefits do all Galileo ovens have?


New & Improved cavity

Galileo oven cavities have been completely re-designed to allow for even better browning, heat distribution and overall baking results thanks to innovative airflow patterns.

No flavour transfer

Mealtimes are simplified thanks to the new airflow system. You can now cook sweet and savoury dishes together on different levels, without smells and tastes transferring.

Soft close hinges

Designed for smooth operation, Galileo oven doors can be opened or closed elegantly thanks to these premium door hinges.


Omnichef ovens

Speedwavexl ovens

Steam generation ovens

Standard Galileo ovens without multi-cooking technology

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