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Flexible finance 

Looking for a way to spread the cost of your kitchen appliances? Learn more about our flexible financing option, which is offered on orders over £1,000


Free standing

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Looking for maximum capacity? Consider our 185 cm tall wine coolers which can hold up to 197 bottles!


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Looking for a space saving wine cooler? Our 45 cm reduced height models can be installed in column and hold up to 21 bottles.

Under counter

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For a larger wine collection, an undercounter wine cooler can house up to 38 bottles and sits nicely underneath your worktop.


Wi-Fi remote controlled

Did you know that our Dolce Stil Novo wine coolers can be controlled remotely via the SmegConnect App? Using Wi-Fi, you can control and monitor your wine cooler and its contents via a mobile or tablet, whenever or wherever you are. Control the temperature, get useful tips, it will even help pair your wine with suitable dishes.

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Quality & protection

In homage to noble winemaking traditions, Smeg wine coolers features prestigious Oak racks, some of which can be removed or slide out for easy access. The door glass offers protection against harmful UV rays, which damage wine, whilst LED lights illuminate your bottles for great visibility.

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Pair with a sommelier drawer

A real wine enthusiast needs the right equipment. Working with expert Sommeliers has allowed Smeg to create a dedicated drawer to house all the necessary tools needed for storing and decanting wine. These include corkscrews, spumante pincers and a thermometer.
Sommelier drawers sit nicely underneath a 45 cm in column wine cooler to complete the look.

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