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Visit our outlet to discover offers on a selection of kitchen appliances.

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Discover a beautiful range of Smeg sinks; inset or undermounted; stainless steel, composite or PVD coated, in a range of layouts and sizes.

Waste disposal

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Concerned about the environmental impact of food waste? Our waste disposal units can be fitted underneath your sink to grind down food at the touch of a button.


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Complete your sink with a Smeg tap. Elegant and functional, available in a choice of colours and styles.


Double bowl

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Sinks designed for large families and bigger kitchens, where lots of washing up takes place.

Single bowl

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The perfect choice for smaller work tops or ideal for those who don’t do a lot of washing up.

1½ bowl

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A popular choice, one and a half bowl sinks are versatile and suitable for most kitchen sizes.


Single or dual lever

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Smeg offers a number of single or dual lever taps, both of which offer both hot and cold functionality.

Pull out spray

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Target difficult to reach areas with a pull-out spray. These versatile taps are a popular choice due to their flexibility.

Filtered water tap

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Reduce the need for bottled water with a filtered water tap, which also includes standard hot and cold water.

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