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Visit our outlet to discover offers on a selection of kitchen appliances.

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Single ovens

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Always a popular choice, single ovens are a staple within the kitchen. Large cooking capacities and a wide choice of functions are on hand for a diverse cooking experience. Choose electric, gas or even steam, depending on your preference.

Double ovens

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Have a large family or like to entertain? A double oven allows extra flexibility when cooking multiple dishes at once. You can grill in one oven whilst roasting a chicken in the other. Choose in-column or under counter installation.

Compact ovens

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Need some extra cooking space? A compact oven is a great addition to a single oven. Choose between compact steam ovens, built-in combination microwaves or a simple microwave with grill to maximise your kitchens flexibility.

Extra-wide ovens

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Enjoy batch baking or have a large family? If you have the room, our extremely spacious 90 cm extra-wide ovens offer up to 115 L, our biggest cavity yet, with multiple fans for a superior cooking performance.


Our ovens offer many great features, some of which are listed here. Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

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Easy to keep clean

Smeg ovens come with an easy clean enameled interior which reduces the amount of stuck on dirt. Some models have a vapour clean function to help loosen dirt for easy cleaning whilst others have a Pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle, reducing dirt to ash to be simply wiped away.

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Endless cooking options

Smeg multifunction ovens offer a wide range of cooking functions from grills for large cuts of meats to static functions perfect for casseroles.

Almost all ovens feature Smeg’s Circulaire function, perfect for multi-layered cooking, so you can cook fish, vegetables and bake delicate meringues all at the same time without any transfer.

Many ovens even have a Sabbath function to meet the needs of the Jewish community.

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Plenty of space

Most Smeg single ovens offer a huge 70 L net capacity, large enough to handle your Sunday roast with up to 5 cooking levels to place your dishes on. If you need more space, double ovens and extra wide ovens are a great option and can offer up to a staggering 115 L of cooking space.

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Specialist cooking

Looking for an oven with additional cooking options? Discover our steam ovens and pizza ovens.

The use of steam ensures mouth-watering cooking results every time, keeping food moist and tender and providing a healthier way to cook.

Smeg pizza ovens allow you to create perfect, evenly cooked pizzas in just 4-6 min. They can even be used to cook pies or flans!

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Don't forget the extras!

When choosing an oven always take a look at the extra features it has, as these can really enhance your cooking experience.

Into gadgets? A Wi-Fi oven is great for remote access via a tablet or phone. For added control, a temperature probe will ensure your meat is cooked to perfection whilst automatic programmes take all of the guess work out of cooking.

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