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AREA hobs

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AREA hobs personify the very best of Smeg's technology. With features such as Auto Pot, you can place your cookware anywhere on the hob’s surface and independently control the heat for each pot using the intuitive VIVO Screen Max display. And thanks it's exciting Follow Pot technology, you can even move your pans mid-cooking without losing a single degree of heat.

Gas hobs

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Looking for instant heat which is easily controllable and offers an even heat distribution? A gas hob is the perfect choice. This visible heat source is efficient, responsive, and easy to install.

Induction hobs

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If speed is of the essence, look no further than an induction hob. These fast-reacting hobs can heat a pint of water in just over a minute. Magnetic fields heat the contents of the pan for energy efficient cooking.

Mixed fuel hobs

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Still undecided on which hob type to go for? You can have the best of both worlds with a mixed fuel hob. Offering maximum versatility, these hobs are a great choice for those with a real passion for cooking.

Ceramic hobs

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For a cost effective alternative to Induction, elegant ceramic hobs offer excellent cooking results. With the latest technology and features, these hobs will easy co-ordinate with any oven style.


Stylish but practical, Smeg hobs are packed with great features. Find out more about these below.

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Innovative kitchen solutions

Did you know Smeg offer all-in-one hob and hood solutions? These induction hobs with built in extractors can be placed anywhere within the kitchen, be it in front of a window or on an island unit, there are no limits!

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Smart connection

Looking for a hob that can do a little extra? Some induction hobs include  Auto Vent, a smart infrared system allowing you to automatically control your compatible Smeg extractor through your hob. The zones automatically turn on at the most suitable speed relative to the amount of steam being produced, the extraction speed then adjusts accordingly during the cooking process.

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Great variety

Smeg hobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any kitchen requirement, from a small 30 cm Domino all the way up to 90 cm wide options. As for controls, our gas hobs feature ergonomic control dials to complement their aesthetic styling whilst induction and ceramic hobs have user-friendly touch controls for a streamlined look.

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Fast & powerful

All Smeg hobs are quick to react. Gas hobs often feature ultra-rapid burners which offer truly powerful results that are ideal for wok cooking. Power boosters can be found on many Smeg Induction and ceramic hobs, perfect if you need to heat up a pan in a hurry.

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Flexible cooking

We offer a number of burner/zone size options, from small to large, there is a place for every sized pan. For flexible cooking, many Smeg induction hobs offer zones which can be combined to create single large Multizones. These zones allow multiple or larger pans to be used by adapting to their size and position.

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