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Dual fuel

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Prefer the visual element of gas? Smeg offers a huge range of cookers with gas hobs, providing instant heat that’s perfect for intense cooking.


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No gas supply? Go for all electric. Smeg have a range of cookers with induction hobs that are quick to use, easy to control and cool to the touch. Ceramic hob options are also available.


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Smeg offer a wide range of cooker sizes, from 60 cm wide cookers, ideal if space is at a premium, to a huge 150 cm wide range cooker, designed for more spacious kitchens.


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How many oven cavities do you need? We offer single, double, triple and even four cavity cookers. With Smeg you’re sure to find a cooker to suit every household.


Our award-winning cookers come in a variety styles, sizes and layouts. Find out more about their features below.

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Exceptional style

Looking for a contemporary style? Smeg’s Symphony and Opera ranges are a great choice. Looking for colour? Discover Smeg’s Portofino and Victoria ranges.

Whatever your kitchen style, we’ve got you covered.

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Mixed fuel possibilities

Can't decide on a gas or induction hob top? Choose a cooker that offers the best of both worlds!

The 120 cm Portofino range cooker offers three different cooking types for added versatility.The large hob comprises of flexible induction zones, gas burners and an electric teppanyaki plate, for preparing delicious grilled dishes Asian style.

One of the two full sized ovens is suitable for steam cooking, whilst the other has the ability to self clean, further extending the cookers flexibility.

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Flexible cooking

The main oven of a Smeg cooker can offer between 61-115 L depending on the cooker’s layout - plenty of room for your roast dinner, and up to 5 cooking levels to place your dishes on.

Every Smeg oven features our unique Circulaire function, which is perfect for multi-layered cooking. By using this function, strongly fragranced and delicate foods to be cooked at the same time without any flavour or smell transfer occurring between them. 

In addition, many Smeg cookers feature a separate grill compartment, allowing you to grill independently whilst cooking in the main oven, for maximum flexibility.

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Easy to keep clean

Keeping your cooker looking its best shouldn’t be hard. All Smeg range cookers have been designed and built to ensure cleaning is as quick, simple and effortless.

Every Smeg oven features an easy clean enamel interior with a special antacid lining, which greatly reduces the amount of dirt that can stick to the cavity, making it much easier to keep clean.

For bigger build ups, labour-saving cleaning functions such as pyrolytic self-cleaning and vapor clean are available across the range.

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Matching hoods

Once you've picked your perfect cooker, why not complete the look with a extractor hood?

Whether it’s a chimney, integrated, island or retro 50s style you require, there are plenty of hood options to complement each Smeg range cooker.

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