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Create your own espresso bar at home with a built-in coffee machine. Available in 3 styles, Dolce Stil Novo, Linea or Classic.

Bean to cup

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For a compact and contemporary look consider a bean to cup coffee machine. With a built in grinder and steam wand, this machine does it all.


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Prefer a retro aesthetic? Freestanding espresso or drip filter coffee machines deliver impressive results.

La Pavoni

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Looking for the ultimate coffee experience? La Pavoni machines will elevate your coffee game to new and exciting levels.


Reasons to buy a built-in coffee machine

  • Installation: Install in column, in a cube or in a vertical run.
  • Choice: Enjoy up to 13 different drinks from espresso to Americano.
  • Flexibility: Use coffee beans or ground coffee.
  • Customisable: Program up to 6 user profiles to memorise each family members favourite beverage.
  • Fast: Perfect espresso in just 10 s.
  • Quiet: One of the quietest on the market.
  • Simple to use: Full touch display and graphics.

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Reasons to buy a bean-to-cup coffee machine

  • Freedom of placement: Place in any room on any worktop space.
  • Colour: Choose from four luxurious matte colours; red, black, white and taupe
  • Choice: Enjoy up to 8 different drinks from espresso to cappuccino
  • All in one machine: The bean-to-cup machine does everything, from grinding the beans to steaming your milk.
  • Simple to use: Elegant flat mechanical buttons for 'one touch beverages'

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Reasons to buy a retro coffee machine

  • Freedom of placement: Place in any room on any worktop space.
  • Colour: Choose from a variety of colours from pastels to bold hues.
  • Espresso coffee machine: Built in steam wand to create variety of coffee types such as cappuccino. For the best results, use freshly ground coffee beans from a Smeg Coffee Grinder.
  • Lavazza Pod machine: Quick capsules to enjoy coffee in an instant.
  • Drip filtered coffee machines: Prepare up to 10 cups of coffee and set a programmed start. For maximum flavour add freshly ground coffee beans using a Smeg Coffee grinder — and extend your coffee options with professionally-frothed milk using a Smeg Milk Frother.

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Reasons to buy a La Pavoni coffee machine

  • Freedom of placement: Place in any room on any worktop space.
  • Design: Timeless but trendsetting, a work of art.
  • Results: Produce the ultimate espresso.
  • Quality: Premium materials used throughout, guaranteed to withstand the test of time.
  • Experience: Starting in 1905, La Pavoni has over a century’s worth of experience.
  • Choice: Lever or Semi-Professional models available.

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