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Combine these 3 appliances to guarantee truly excellent results.

Vacuum drawer

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Preserve fresh food and drink for storage in airtight sealed bags. Marinade and re-seal.

Blast chillers

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Preserve the quality of dishes and increase shelf life by up to 70 %, for less wastage using rapid cooling functions.

Steam oven

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Add vacuum seal dishes to a full steam oven to create delicate sous vide cooking.


Designed for serious cooks, with a passion for high quality, healthy food.

Preservation is key

Stop bacteria in its tracks and preserve food for much longer whilst retaining the texture, nutritional value, and taste with high-quality results, thanks to blast chilling.

Benefits include eating seasonal fruits all year round as well as much less food wastage.

You can also prepare large quantities of food and preserve them for another day, and once cooked, they will still taste as good as the day they were created.

Other cooling features include custom conservation to enjoy desserts like ice cream at optimal temperature and drink cooling.

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Not just freezing

Smeg blast chillers also include some great warming functions. Slow low temp cooking can be done up to 75 ˚C for juicy, tender results full of flavour, whilst the ready to eat function keeps precooked meals at fridge temperature, then heats up at a preset time so dinner can be ready for when you arrive home.

Other features include defrosting by time or weight and helping dough to rise using the proving cycle.

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The Vitality system

For the full experience, Smeg have a ‘vitality system’ consisting of three products: a blast chiller for preserving freshness and quality of food, a vacuum drawer for preserving ingredients and a full steam oven for true sous vide style cooking,

Once only professional appliances, this impressive trio can now be enjoyed in a domestic setting, capable of creating professional restaurant quality results in the comfort of your own home.

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