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SIH7933B 86cm Slim Induction Hob Touch Controls and Auto Vent

SIH7933B 86cm Slim Induction Hob Touch Controls and Auto Vent
Currently out of stock. To pre-order please call 0344 557 9907 (option 2)

Product Features

  • 3 cook zones with 14 power levels and 3 boosters
  • Auto vent function to connect with your hood and vent automatically
  • Easy to use with intuitive slider controls
  • Quick and precise temperature control

SIH7933B 86cm Slim Induction Hob Touch Controls and Auto Vent

Product Description

Induction allows for precise temperature control when doing intricate cooking, or simmering for example. Heat is only generated when the pan comes into direct contact of the specific cooking zone, ensuring safety in the presence of children. This helps optimise power consumption, only using the energy needed to heat the pan itself.

The auto-vent function regulates hood extraction speed automatically depending on the temperature and power level selected on the hob. It is therefore no longer necessary to manually adjust the settings of the cooker hood, simply use the hob as required, and the cooker hood will automatically adjust its extraction speed to match the hob settings.

Featuring elegant slider controls making the appliance user friendly and easy to operate when cooking.

Product Specification

Decription 90 cm, Universal, Hob, Black
Product dimensions 49x900x410 HxWxD
Hob Type Induction
Material Ceramic Glass body
Type of control setting Touch control
Control knobs position Front
Total no. of cook zones 3
Nominal power 6.8 kW
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