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PGF32I-1 31cm Domino Classic Induction Hob

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Product Features

  • Hobs with maximum flexibility
  • Fast operation with precise temperature control
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Interchangeable aesthetics

PGF32I-1 31cm Domino Classic Induction Hob

Product Description

Smeg Domino hobs can offer maximum flexibility when cooking a wide variety of dishes. Each model comes fitted with Classic controls but Linea controls can be purchased separately as a kit to change the aesthetic.

Induction cooking allows for precise temperature control. It is faster than gas cooking taking only a little over a minute to boil a pint of water. Another benefit is that any splashes will not burn onto the hob top and are easily wiped clean making it safe and user friendly.

Finished with stylish and modern stainless steel, which has been used which will complement any kitchen. It is very durable and long lasting.

The domino range consists of a barbeque, single or two burner gas hobs, fryer, teppanyaki plate and two zone induction hob. A connecting strip can be purchased if you wish to arrange a series of Domino hobs together.

Product Specification

Decription 30 cm, Classic, Hob, Stainless steel
Product dimensions 42x300x510 HxWxD
Hob Type Induction
Material Brushed Stainless Steel body
Type of control setting Control knobs
Control knobs position Front
Total no. of cook zones 2
Nominal power 3.5 kW
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