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SE364TDM 60cm Cucina Ceramic Hob Cucina Controls

SE364TDM 60cm Cucina Ceramic Hob Cucina Controls
Currently out of stock. To pre-order please call 0344 557 9907 (option 2)

Product Features

  • 4 cook zones with 6 power levels for maximum flexibility
  • Ergonomic and simplistic Cucina control knobs
  • Ultra low profile or fully flush for a sleek finish
  • Residual heat indicators

SE364TDM 60cm Cucina Ceramic Hob Cucina Controls

Product Description

Ergonomic and simplistic Cucina control knobs replace the traditional touch controls found on electric hobs, allowing precise and instant heat adjustment, for excellent cooking results. 

Hard wearing glass, offering extreme resistance to heat as well as making easy to keep clean.

Safety features such as automatic switch off when overheat and residual heat indicators give you piece of mind in the kitchen.

Product Specification

Decription 60 cm, Selection, Hob, Black
Product dimensions 50x600x510 HxWxD
Hob Type Ceramic
Material Ceramic Glass body
Type of control setting Control knobs
Control knobs position Front
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