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SFP6925NPZE1 60cm Victoria Pyrolytic Oven with Pizza Stone in Black


Product Features

  • Multifunction oven with choice of programmes and powerful fan for even cooking results
  • Spacious single oven offers generous 65 litre cooking capacity and 5 cooking levels
  • Create authentic pizzas with the Smeg pizza stone, included with this oven
  • Easy to keep clean with self cleaning pyrolytic function

SFP6925NPZE1 60cm Victoria Pyrolytic Oven with Pizza Stone in Black

Product Description

The Victoria single oven comes with a pizza stone as standard. With the oven reaching a top temperature of 280°C, the refractory stone is placed over the heating element, directly absorbing the heat. Create authentic Italian pizzas in just 5 minutes, as well as breads, tarts and pies.

With its nostalgic curvy look, Victoria offers a unique retro- inspired aesthetic featuring metal controls and signature branding. Perfect for adding real character to your kitchen.

With solid metal dials and an LED digital display, controlling your appliance has never been easier. Take the guesswork out of cooking with 20 automatic programmes built in. Tried and tested for a tailor-made cooking experience.

Never worry about cleaning your oven again with the Pyrolytic function. Through this function, all grease and dirt is burnt away effortlessly and transformed into ash, which can be wiped away. There is no need for detergents or chemicals, thanks to the extremely high temperature reached by the oven (500°C)

Product Specification

Description 60 cm, Victoria, Oven, Black
Dimensions 592x597x548 HxWxD
Useable capacity 331x460x412mm 65L
No of cooking functions 10
Cooking Functions Static, Fan assisted, Fan forced, Turbo (circolaire + bottom + upper + fan), ECO, Large grill, Fan grill (large), Base, Fan assisted base, Pizza
Cleaning Pyrolytic/ Pyrolytic eco
Child Lock Yes
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