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SF6341GVX 60cm Classic Gas Single Oven in Stainless Steel

SF6341GVX 60cm Classic Gas Single Oven in Stainless Steel

Product Features

  • Multifunction oven with choice of programmes and powerful fan for even cooking results
  • Large 60 litre cooking capacity and 4 cooking levels
  • Traditional gas fan cooking with electric grill for browning
  • Easy to keep clean thanks to the non-stick enamelled oven interior

SF6341GVX 60cm Classic Gas Single Oven in Stainless Steel

Product Description

This gas oven allows you to cook in a traditional way with constant oven temperature, instantaneous heat control, reduced cooking times and the ability to bake at much lower temperatures than it is possible to do in electric ovens. An integral electric grill can be used to brown food already cooked by gas. Benefitting from fan assisted cooking, this function evenly distributes the heat throughout the oven cavity. This ensures even browning, without turning the dish half way through cooking.

The Classic oven interior is made from Easy-Clean enamel. Double coated to seal pores and gaps, cooking build-up can be easily removed. Additionally, the oven benefits from a removable glass door, allowing easy access to any spillages.

Create deliciously tender, juicy chicken, with the rotisserie function. With all accessories included, roasting a meat has never been more rewarding.

Featuring 3 solid metal dials, controlling your appliance has never been easier. With 8 cooking functions and 4 shelf positions, no cooking task is too big or small.

Product Specification

Description 60 cm, Classic, Oven, Fingerproof Stainless Steel
Dimensions 592x597x548 HxWxD
Useable capacity 316x444x425mm 60L
No of cooking functions 8
Cooking Functions Large grill, Fan grill (large), Base, Fan assisted base, Rotisserie, Fan rotisserie, Rotisserie + grill, Rotisserie + fan grill
Child Lock No
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