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TPKTR Tepanjaki Grill Plate - Victoria Accessory

TPKTR Tepanjaki Grill Plate - Victoria Accessory
Currently out of stock. To pre-order please call 0344 557 9907 (option 2)

Product Features

  • Stress free way to cook meat, vegetables, fish
  • Great for entertaining
  • Suitable accessory for 110cm Victoria Cookers with gas hobs
  • Stainless Steel

TPKTR Tepanjaki Grill Plate - Victoria Accessory

Product Description

Get creative in the kitchen with a fun and quick way to enjoy food.

The TPKTR teppanyaki cooker accessory is inspired by Japanese cuisine. It is ideal for cooking meat, fish and vegetables directly on the plate without the need for adding fats or oils. This way of cooking intensifies the natural flavours and aromas of food and preserves their nutritional elements.

Simply remove an existing cast iron pan support from your TR4110 110cm Victoria range cooker and replace with the teppanyaki griddle plate accessory for a large teppanyaki cooking area.

Product Specification

Product family Accessories
Type Teppanyaki grill
Family Cookers, Victoria 110cm with Gas hob
Dimensions of the product (mm) 50x514x265
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