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SOP6606S2PNR 60cm Dolce Stil Novo Pyrolytic Steam Oven Copper Trim

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Product Features

  • Multifunction oven with choice of programmes and powerful fan for even cooking results
  • Ensure perfect results every time with the temperature probe
  • Easy to keep clean with self cleaning pyrolytic function

SOP6606S2PNR 60cm Dolce Stil Novo Pyrolytic Steam Oven Copper Trim

Product Description

Benefitting from the Circulaire function, this cooking function cleans the air within the oven whilst in use, preventing cross transference of flavours or smells. With a maximum temperature of 280°C and a minimum of 30°C, this oven is versatile enough to cook anything from authentic pizza, to proving bread.

Enhance your cooking with the addition of steam, producing professional results in the comfort of your own home. Create golden, succulent, oven roasted meat joints, fluffy bread rolls and tasty greens.

Never worry about cleaning your oven again with the Pyrolytic function. Through this function, all grease and dirt is burnt away effortlessly and transformed into ash, which can be wiped away. There is no need for detergents or chemicals, thanks to the extremely high temperature reached by the oven (500°C)

Product Specification

Description 60cm, Dolce Stil Novo, Oven, Black, Copper Trim
Product Dimensions (HxWxD) 592x597x548mm
Useable Capacity (HxWxD) 353x470x401mm 68L
No. of Cooking Functions 19
Cooking Functions Static, Fan assisted, Circulaire, Turbo (Circulaire + bottom + upper + fan), ECO, Large grill, Fan grill (large), Base, Circulaire + bottom, Pizza, Fan assisted, Circulaire + Bottom + Fan, Circulaire, Turbo (Circulaire + bottom + upper + fan), Fan Grill, Steam + bottom + upper + fan, Steam + Circulaire + fan, Turbo, Grill + fan
Child Lock Yes
Temp Probe Yes (Multipoint)
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