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CMS4104N 45cm Linea Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Black

Currently out of stock. To pre-order please call 0344 557 9907 (option 2)

CMS4104N 45cm Linea Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Black

Product Description

With 15 bar pressure, this built in coffee machine will produce the perfect cup of coffee, every time. With the temperature pre-selected to produce optimum results, take the guesswork out of your daily coffee. A striking colour TFT full touch display depicts every drink option possible including personalisation of drinks. You can set up to 6 different user profiles ideal for memorising each family members favourite! In just a few seconds, you can select a drink personalised down to the smallest detail: the number of coffee beans to grind, the thickness of the foam, the amount of liquid and the temperature of the drink.

Choose from using pre-ground coffee, or fresh coffee beans. With two separate compartments, alternate between coffee blends, beans and grounds, to suit your taste.

Featuring a semi-professional steamer, with dedicated heating element for maximum control. With a removable, dishwasher safe carafe, steam milk for multiple cups in one go.

Enjoy a huge selection of up to 13 different drinks including espresso, cappuccino, hot milk, white coffee and americano. This coffee machine has fully adjustable length, temperature, intensity and coffee grinding capabilities. It can fit mugs up to 142mm high and with its height adjustable spout, can take a variety of cup sizes, from tall lattes to small flat whites. It can also create delicious foamy milk,perfect for topping off a cappuccino.

Product Specification

Linea aesthetic Linea aesthetic
Product dimensions 455x59x470 (HxWxD)
Control settings knobs/buttons
Pump pressure 15 bar
Water container capacity 2.4L
Coffee granule container capacity 350g
Number of drink options 13
Adjustable coffee temperature 3 heat levels
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