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SAB4604NR 45cm Dolce Stil Novo Blast Chiller in Eclipse Black Glass with Copper


Product Features

  • Preserve food quality with blast chilling, rapid freezing and re-heating
  • Warming functions for added versatility
  • Create the perfect conditions for proving bread
  • Precise chilling and warming results thanks to the temperature probe

SAB4604NR 45cm Dolce Stil Novo Blast Chiller in Eclipse Black Glass with Copper

Product Description

A new and exciting way to preserve and cook food is now available, thanks to Smeg's 45cm blast chillers and other products in the vitality range. Smeg blast chillers not only prevent bacteria growth, which forms when cooling at room temperature, but also preserves the freshness, vivid colour, aroma and the consistency of freshly cooked food. They are the ideal product for those who love cooking but lead busy lives, as large quantities of food can be prepared and preserved in portions to be eaten at a later date, tasting as fresh as if it had just been made. Smeg blast chillers also allow customers to preserve fresh and seasonal foods for longer, reducing food wastage and saving fridge space.

As you would expect with a blast chiller, it features 5 cold functions; cooling, deep freezing, preservation, bottle cooling, and pre-cooling. However, Smeg blast chillers also offer 5 warming functions; slow temperature cooking, defrost by time, defrost by weight, proving, and ready to eat - a function that keeps dishes refrigerated, until ready to heat to a food-safe temperature. 52 automatic programmes are included for simple operation and excellent results, as well as a temperature probe to use when cooling or cooking.

Smeg blast chillers form part of the vitality system which is composed of 3 revolutionary products; blast chillers for preserving freshness and quality of food, vacuum drawers preserving, sealing and marinating, and full steam ovens for sous vide style cooking. Delivering expert results, these innovative appliances will transform the way you prepare and cook food.

This sleek compact blast chiller with stunning Eclipse Glass with natural copper trim, brings a touch of elegance and style to any kitchen. With a 38.5L capacity, full sized Smeg baking trays can be used within the appliance for maximum convenience in the kitchen. Chill down to -35°C, or heat up to a food-safe temperature of 75°C, for an unmatchable temperature range.

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