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PV264N 60cm Cucina Knob Gas Hob Black

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Product Features

  • Glass on steel for an elegant yet durable finish
  • Interchangeable aesthetics
  • Safety valves, cut off the flow of gas if the flame is accidentally extinguished
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan stands

PV264N 60cm Cucina Knob Gas Hob Black

Product Description

The glass on steel finish increases the strength of the hob with a glass top by adding a stainless steel plate under the glass/ Aesthetically invisible, this feature increased the robustness of the job whilst keeping the aesthetic elegantly unaltered.

Directional burners have a unique technology, making the flame almost vertical; real power is transferred to the pot as the flames spread to match the diameter of the underside of the pan. This causes heat to concentrate, resulting in a higher performance burner that cooks faster than a traditional gas burner.

Fitted with Safety valves as standard, the valves on the burners cut off the gas flow if the flame is accidentally extinguished. In this event, the gas feeder valve shuts off immediately, regardless of the position of the control. LPG adaptors included.

A set of 'Linea' style controls are available to purchase if you wish to change the aesthetic of your hob.

Product Specification

Decription 60 cm, Cucina, Gas on Glass Hob, Black
Product dimensions 48x600x510 HxWxD
Hob Type Gas
Material Standard (clear) Glass body
Pan stands Cast iron
Burners Material Alluminium Burners
Type of control setting Control knobs
Control knobs position Front
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